Shenzhen small size housing tenants favor

09 2017 16 July 08:35 source: Shenzhen Economic Daily
Original title: Shenzhen tenants favor small size housing

The people of Shenzhen housing area is gradually reduced. There is a Music Research Center for statistical analysis of 2013 until the end of August 2017, the Shenzhen housing transaction data, found that people in Shenzhen housing units have an area of 74.3 square meters by 5 years ago, now reduced to 67.8 square meters, 6.5 square meters of narrow. This is caused by a higher rent, tenants tend to choose smaller houses.

From 2013 to 2017, Shenzhen rental prices rose 43%, set rent price from 3000 up to 4000 head head. There is a music research center monitoring data show that in the year of the city's residential price calculation, Shenzhen rental ratio has changed from 1:491 to 1:866. In other words, if you buy a house in Shenzhen, if only pure rent, need 72 years to return to this.

From nearly 5 years of Shenzhen housing area and the housing area, both sets of interval distribution proportion of apartment layout changes is not difficult to see that all rental housing showed "smaller" trend.

On the one hand, with the rising of Shenzhen rental housing, tenants have to rent the capacity decreased, compact and practical, the high cost of the house more favored by tenants; on the other hand, in the rental market guide, with investment buyers also more love small size, low price of the house. Such a small area of the house rent ratio also improved in the market.

Throughout recent years, rent in Shenzhen hot area, inside and outside the original SAR has become a very clear dividing line, the original SAR housing rent were generally higher than the city's hot patches are rent, the original SAR is on the contrary.

At the same time, most of the hot area of the landlord seems every year will own the house rent 200-300 yuan / month, so many tenants feel pressure alexander.

Ganji and 58 city data show that King area is 68 yuan / m2 in the 2014 year's rent level, both sets of rent is 4803 yuan, and this year 8 month level is 83 yuan / square meter, 5398 yuan.

There is a music research center, anjuke analysis of nearly 5 years Shenzhen tenant average age, change and each age interval, Shenzhen found that the tenant age is more and more small trend.

In 2013, Shenzhen tenants with an average age of 35, 2014 rose to 39 years old, then decreased year by year, to 2017 dropped to 36.

Shenzhen tenant age decreases obviously in the range of change in. In 2014, 20-30 year old Shenzhen tenants accounted for 17.37%, then rebounded annually to 28.44% in 2017.

With the rise in the proportion of young group is on the contrary, the decline in the proportion of elderly population. The 40-50 year old tenants accounted for 26.80% from the year 2014, fell to 22.73% in 2017; 50-60 year old tenants accounted for, from 9.95% in 2014, dropped to 8.2% in 2017. (reporter Lu Jianwei)

(summer commissioning editor van Wang Xing)
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